Let’s Face it – The Content of Turmeric Curcumin Extracts Can Vary

The turmeric curcumin content varies from plant to plant. Naturally, less than 3% of the content of the roots are curcumins. There is none in the leaves or stems of the plant. In concentrated extracts, the content can be as high as 98%.

Since curcumins have been identified as the beneficial compounds, the ones that have anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-amyloid, chelating and antioxidant activity, it pays to know what you are actually getting, when you buy supplements.

If you like to cook with the spice or enjoy the occasional curry sauce, please continue to use it. No risks are associated with consumption in its natural form, in amounts that one would normally use for cooking.

There is concern that the chelating activity could cause iron deficiency or anemia in susceptible people.

Chelating compounds help the body rid itself of toxic metals, but can also interfere with iron metabolism.

If you have ever been anemic, it is best to stick with a small daily dose. The amount that a person would normally eat during a day would not cause a problem.

Because the turmeric curcumin content is so low, concentrated extracts have become popular health supplements, but the price tag on some of these supplements is outrageous.

A very poorly designed supplement costs over $25 per ounce. I say that it is poorly designed because it is a powder and curcumin is not readily absorbed into the bloodstream when it is mixed with water and taken in this form.

Gastric acids quickly degrade the antioxidant. Experiments have shown that taking high doses does not significantly increase blood serum levels.

If it does not get into the bloodstream, it cannot provide the long-term health benefits to all of the cells of the body. All that it might do is provide some protection to the cells of the throat and stomach.

It doesn’t pay to take the expensive turmeric curcumin extract, because the manufacture makes no effort to include other ingredients that enhance absorption.

Piperine, for example, has been shown to increase the absorbed amount by 2000%. It’s not unusual. It has that effect on other nutrients and even on medications.

On the other end of the spectrum are very cheap supplements. You can get the powdered root for $7 per pound. But, the turmeric curcumin content would be so low; it would be of no benefit.

The supplement that I take is affordable and contains a 98% extract that is combined with piperine and includes an enteric coating. I’m sure that I am getting the benefits that I wanted.

Other nutrients are included in the product as well. Some of them are important for cancer prevention. Others protect the health of the heart.

All of the essential vitamins and minerals help reduce my risk of nutritional deficiencies, which is very important in this day and age.

Several years ago, studies in Canada showed that vegetables are not as nutritious as they were 50 years ago.

Studies in the US recently confirmed that conclusion.

It has become impossible to get all of the nutrients that you need everyday through diet alone, without going overboard on calories and causing other health problems.

So, look for turmeric curcumin as an ingredient in a balanced nutritional supplement. It will pay off in the long run.

Improving your health with the best multi-nutritional supplement can have a maximum impact on your health.

So don’t take your health for granted. Take some time and a little effort to do your research because your health is worth it.

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