The Recession-Proof Nursing Profession – Why Choosing to Become a Nurse is a Good Choice

The global economic crisis is draining every job market. People everywhere are losing their jobs and are not being hired by anyone else. The entire life support system is crumbling. But experts say that there are some jobs that are “recession proof”. Not only do they not crumble during recession, but they actually offer potential for growth in the present ailing economy and are said to be booming!

The end of 2008 saw industries such as health care and medical experiencing the largest percentage of increase in jobs. Hoards of people are now shifting from their respective jobs, to enter the nursing and health industry. The most common reason behind this is that no matter what the economy goes through, people are always aging and getting sick and requiring medical attention. Health care and medical is currently the top industry, representing 12.92 % of all jobs recruitment. According to surveys, several health care positions experienced the largest percentage increase in jobs. The main positions include medical assistant, admissions clerk and medical records assistant.

It is seen that recession might even be an underlying cause of job growth in the health care industry. People are affected greatly by recession and their health issues are increasing daily. People require more and more medical attention due to increased stress, depression and mental illness resulting from the economic crisis. Aging, increased rates in obesity and technology advancements are all causes of significant growth in the health care industry.

In the year 2009, the health care industry is expected to grow, evolve and welcome new advances in medical technology. New technology breakthroughs will help reduce costs, allowing health care professionals to cater to an increasing number of patients. There is an increase in demand for medical assistants, professionals and nursing aids. There has always been a shortage of qualified nurses and medical practitioners, as sickness, pregnancy, accidents and death never cease to exist even during recession. Life goes on and there is always need for more help from medical professionals. Hospitals and health care facilities need to reduce their hiring costs and keep running efficiently, so the more people opt for a career in the health care industry the better it is.

People are quickly realizing that a wealth of opportunities lay in front of them, in the form of nursing. Within the health care industry and more specifically nursing, there are several areas where nurses are required. Nursing in hospitals is only one small fragment of the sea of opportunities available. There are nursing jobs in large businesses, pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies, government affairs, educational positions, military branches, research, legal fields, and plenty of other industries as well. The job security in the nursing industry is said to be iron-clad. With so many people falling prey to stress-related health issues, there is a growing need for compassionate individuals and caregivers. Today, with a license for nursing, some experience in the field, and the right opportunity, anyone can find a nursing job.

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